CSLA prioritizes clients through exceptional service and impeccably maintained equipment.


CSLA has the most advanced tools to ensure proper calibration and performance for our fleet of cameras, lenses and accessories.  Our 7,500 sq ft facility includes a state of the art projection room,  spacious prep floor currently being built by an acclaimed design team, and lens testing area.  Our deep knowledge of both modern and vintage optics has allowed us to provide a wide selection of unique lenses for our clients with custom in-house detuning and bespoke manufacturing.

Camera Prep

We utilize the most advanced testing equipment to ensure only the highest quality cameras, lenses and accessories make it to the prep floor.  Our knowledgeable staff are ready for even the most complex camera preps.

Technical Support

Founded in 2011 by two working cinematographers, our dedicated team has a passion for helping productions achieve their visions.  We are here to assist our clients from pre-production through post and are always available to troubleshoot issues during prep or in the field.

Our Team

Our experienced team is knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to the craft of cinematography.
Cole Cyccone
Rental Manager
Robert Garren
Accounting / Account Management
Hannah Berg
Head Prep Technician
Kaitlin Griffin
Digital & Film Camera Technician
Julia Deleon
Rental Coordinator
Stephen Nunley
Lead Prep Technician
Eli Shine
Rental Agent
Tenzin Namgyel
Lens QC Technician
Julianna Laverdiere
QC Manager
William Rowley
Prep Technician
Stefan Linhares
Lens QC Technician
Leo Rodriguez
QC Technician / Driver
Eli Goldstein
Managing Partner / DP