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Arri Alexa 35

Arri Alexa 35

The ALEXA 35 is a 4.6K S35 sensor camera, measuring 17 stops of dynamic range, the highest of any cinema camera on the market. 

ARRI’s latest gen sensor gains 1.5 stops in the highlights and a stop in the shadows over previous ALEXA cameras, while retaining the naturalistic, film-like highlight roll-off cinematographers have come to expect. 

Enhanced Sensitivity mode (ES) is now available for low light shooting and a texture setting can be adjusted to control contrast and grain in the image.

CSLA’s Kit includes: LPL Mount w/ calibrated PL Adapter, ARRI 15mm Studio Cage, ARRI PDM-1 providing 7 additional power outputs, and ARRI Codex Compact Drive Card Reader (Thunderbolt 3)

Available accessories include the ARRI Audio Extension Module AEM-1 adding 3 mini XLR ports.

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Recording Formats
Camera Specs
Max Sensor Resolution4608 x 3164 Pixels
Sensor SizeS35 Ø 33.96 mm
CodecMXF/ARRIRAW or ProRes
Media TypeCodex Compact Drive 1TB/2TB
Dynamic Range17 Stops
Max FPS Full Sensor75fps
Max FPS Cropped Sensor120fps
Weight6.4 lbs
Internal ND0.6, 1.2, 1.8
ISO RangeEI 160 - 6400
Built in Scratch MicYes
Lens Squeeze Ratios1.00, 1.25, 1.30, 1.33, 1.50, 1.65, 1.80, 1.85, 2.00
Flange Focal DepthLPL mount: 44 mm or PL mount: 52 mm
Mount OptionsLPL, PL, EF, FD, BNCR
Power Consumption90 W

DP: Jacob Ritley PROD CO: Human Animal
FORMAT: Alexa 35 x TLS Zeiss Super Speed