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Arri Signature Primes T1.8

Arri Signature Primes T1.8

A lightweight magnesium housing surrounds high speed, full frame glass, that produces an impressive edge to edge performance with no breathing. The slightly lower contrast and warmth of the lenses, render beautiful skin tones, and produce an image that almost never feels too sharp.

The consistent T1.8 aperture creates rather large bokeh that cat-eyes toward the edges of the frame.  The set consists of (16) primes, 12mm to 280mm and now (4) zooms of varying ranges.

LPL mounts available and a rear lens filter holder expands your options to create dynamic in camera looks. Our custom diopters + or – 1 through 3, ARRI Impression V Filters, and other specialty rear optics, have become popular among our clients from commercials to TV shows.

List Price
$400-650/lens per day
Contact for Availability
Tech Specs
Sample Footage
Focal LengthT-StopClose FocusWeightLengthCoverageMountFront DiameterList Price
12mm T1.814"6.2 lb9.41"FFLPL134mm$600
15mmT1.814"6.1 lb7.75" FFLPL156mm $500
18mmT1.814"4.4 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
21mmT1.814"4.2 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
25mmT1.814"4.2 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
29mmT1.814"4.0 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
35mmT1.814"3.7 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
40mmT1.814"4.0 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
47mmT1.818'4 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
58mmT1.818"4.4 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
75mmT1.826"4.2 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
95mmT1.82'9"4.2 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
125 mmT1.83'4"5.1 lb7"FFLPL114mm$400
150mmT1.85'7.3 lb8.19"FFLPL114mm$550
200mmT2.56'6.13 lb8.58"FFLPL114mm$600
280 mmT2.88'3"9.48 lb10.93"FFLPL134mm$650

DP: Ian Rigby

FORMAT: Alexa Mini LF x ARRI Signature Primes + CSLA’s Custom Rear Diopters