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COOKE Varotal 20-60mm T3.1

COOKE Varotal 20-60mm T3.1

The Cooke 20-60mm T3.1, released in 1981, remains highly regarded for its exceptional optical performance, often compared to prime lenses (pairing well with the vintage Cooke Speed Panchros).

Known for its sharpness, minimal chromatic aberration, and classic Cooke rendering, it continues to be a top choice for cinematographers.  With its versatile focal range and manageable weight, this vintage zoom offers flexibility on set.

NOTE: We advise pairing the Cooke zoom with a Veydra 1.2x expander enabling coverage on S35+ sensors.


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Tech Specs
Focal LengthT StopClose FocusWeightLengthCoverageMountFront Diameter
20-60mmT3.12'4"6.0 lbs9"S35PL125mm