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Olympus OM Primes (Zero Optik Rehouse)

Olympus OM Primes (Zero Optik Rehouse)

The crowning achievement of visionary designer Yoshihisa Maitani, the OM primes are unique among vintage photo lenses for their combination of compact size, uniform f/2.0 apertures, and consistent performance. Images are clear without being sterile and the flares are warm and gentle.

All primes cover full frame and have exceptional close focus. The housing is small and lightweight and the set is very well matched for vintage glass.

List Price
$250/lens per day
Contact for Availability
Tech Specs
Sample Footage
Focal LengthT-StopClose FocusWeightCoverageMountFront Diameter
21mmT2.28"1.34 lbsFFPL95mm
28mmT2.21'1.56 lbsFFPL95mm
35mmT2.29"1.42 lbs FFPL95mm
40mmT2.211"1.33 lbsFFPL95mm
50mmT2.29.25"1.73 lbsFFPL95mm
85mmT2.12'11"2.07 lbsFFPL95mm

DP:  Nyk Allen   IPOLO G – Sorry’s & Ferraris
: Sony Venice x Olympus OMs + CSLA Angenieux FF Classic