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Sony Burano

Sony Burano

The Sony Burano is equipped with a 36 x 24-mm full-frame image sensor with 8K image quality and a maximum resolution of 8632 x 4856.

By switching imager modes, the Burano supports 16:9 and 17:9 readouts in full-frame (8.6K) and Super 35 mm (5.8K).

Image scan modes include full-frame and Super35 as well as finely optimized down sampled and high-speed modes such as 6K 60p (FF crop), 5.8K 60p (S35), and 4K 120p (S35 crop*) catering to a wide range of production requirements.


-Hybrid auto focus

-Internal electronic VNDs (0.6-2.1)

-IBIS with PL Lenses

-Venice 2 Dual Base ISO

-Dual CFExpress Type B Slots

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Sample Footage
Camera Specs
Max Sensor Resolution8632 x 4856
Sensor SizeFull Frame
Media TypeCFexpress Type B
Dynamic Range16 Stops
Weight6.4 lb w/ mount
Internal NDVariable Electronic ND
Native ISO800/3200
Built in micYes