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Sony FE G-Master Zooms

Sony FE G-Master Zooms

The Sony G Master Zoom series offers professional photographers and cinematographers exceptional optical quality and versatility in a compact form factor.

Renowned for their outstanding sharpness, contrast, and clarity, these lenses provide superior image quality while maintaining portability, making them ideal for on-the-go shooting in diverse environments.

Lenses come equipped with 0.8 pitch gears for follow focuses.

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Tech Specs
Focal LengthF-StopClose FocusWeightMax LengthCoverageThread Size
12-24mmf/2.811"1.87 lbs5.67"FFN/A
16-35mmf/2.811"1.21 lbs4.91"FF82mm
24-70mmf/2.81'3"1.96 lbs6.79"FF82mm
70-200mmf/2.83'1"2.31 lbs8.07"FF77mm