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zeiss super speeds mkii t1.3

zeiss super speeds mkii t1.3

Zeiss’s never ending preoccupation with perfection hit a sweet spot from 1975 all the way to 2004 when they produced various generations of Standard and Super Speed lenses. Paired with today’s sharp modern sensors these lenses achieve a balanced look for a wide variety of projects.

Advanced optical designs with aspheric glass combined with rare earth elements (no longer legal in lens manufacturing) create an ultra fast T1.4 set with expressive flare. Both the ii and iii are optically the same as each other, with minor improvements to the engravings on the Mkiii version.

CSLA is proud to offer a robust collection from every generation in impeccable shape, routinely serviced and optically gorgeous.

List Price
$150/lens per day
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Tech Specs
Focal LengthT StopClose FocusWeightLengthCoverageMountFront Diameter
18mmT1.410" 2.66 lbs4.60"S35PL80mm
25mmT1.410"1.96 lbs3.45"S35PL80mm
35mmT1.41'2"1.74 lbs3.50"S35PL80mm
50mmT1.42'4"1.75 lbs3.60"S35PL80mm
85mmT1.43'2.38 lbs3.55"S35PL80mm